Posted by: Michael Atkisson | January 31, 2012

Course Signals for Scaled Open Learning: What Do You Tie It to?

In a Google Hangout with David Wiley today we came upon the question, what would Sungard’s Course Signals look like for MOOCs or other scaled open learning formats?

Signals is tied to grade data but what about learning formats where you still want predictive analytics but are not tying to grade data. In Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig’s Stanford scaled engineering classes, the metric was competency based and proxied by multiple-choice tests. In a MOOC, what would you tie your multilevel structural equation models to?

Then we thought maybe we could tie the MOOC behavioral data to survey data from participants. We could see to what degree individuals are getting what they wanted out of the MOOC and for what reasons. Then we could see what groupings or factors with latent indicators are represented in the survey responses that are confirmed, contradicted, etc. by those individuals’ types and levels of participation in the MOOC. Here we go, a signals algorithm tied to satisfaction, efficacy, etc.


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