Posted by: Michael Atkisson | October 25, 2010

Cellphone Minutes for Literacy

Harvard’s EdLabs and Droga5 are going down the incentives path in a big way.


Students hold Burner cellphones up to their ears. They earn minutes by completing their reading programs

Reading for talking. I'm doing my homework mom. Really! From Fast Company's article

Earn your cellphone minutes by completing your reading program. It seems like an effective way to get youth to achieve time on books. But will it help them to executively choose to read more once the program is over? Hopefully many will discover the joys of literacy, but how many will learn to only spend their time on things that have immediate payout. It’s a difficult trade off. I’m looking forward to the study that shows what happens to student’s reading motivations long-term for those involved in this and similar programs.

Here is the link to the original article via Harvard’s EdLabs and Droga5 Use “Burner” Cellphones to Rebrand Reading | Fast Company.


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