Posted by: Michael Atkisson | October 21, 2010

Mark Zuckerberg vs. Bill Gates: The Social Web Revolution That Will Forever Change Education

Here comes the education revolution–Niche social web technology start ups for for education. Mark Zuckerberg and friends (Amazon and Zynga) are throwing $250,000,000 at the next wave of social enterprise technology.


via BBC News – Facebook, Amazon and Zynga bet on social web.


“The companies we will invest in will be…the Zynga of education, different kinds of commerce, of social utility, of finance. There is an opportunity to build Zynga-sized companies that will scale up.”

On the Creative Commons side of things, the Gate’s Foundation announce on October 11 that it was fronting 20,000,000 through Next Generation Learning for educational technology in the areas of Learner Analytics, Open Courseware, Blended Learning, and Deeper Learning and Engagement. NGL is focusing on helping at-risk college age students complete their degrees through social web technology integration.

Who will win the day in building the infrastructure of our future education system, VCs or foundations?

How will the social enterprise of learning be shaped if it is built on the shoulders of for-profit organizations? Can they do a better job than the supposedly more altruistic non-profits? Will they co-evolve to form new partnerships for the betterment of education? Whichever way, a mighty change is coming. I think our higher education institutions ten years from now will hardly recognize what we have today.

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