Posted by: Michael Atkisson | October 19, 2010

Search Warrant Writing Tool Marketing Video

California Peace Officer Imagining that he is losing his boat because he could get sued if he doesn't write the search warrant correctly.

A California Peace Officer is imagining that he could lose his boat if he doesn't write the search warrant correctly, because he could get sued.

Here is the marketing video for the Search Warrant Writing Tool that I designed. It is available on the learning portal that my company, Allen Communication Learning Services also built for POST. It’s pretty cheesy, but funny too and it gets the point across. I think that they got the “and keep the boat” idea from the needs analysis that I did with the officers and district attorneys. One of the people I interviewed or someone in a focus group said that. It’s funny that they used that line in the advertising.

Click the link to see the advertisement Search Warrant Writing Tool.


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